Why Amazon Sucks

This will not be a long post, nor will it be about books (no, not even ordering books via Amazon because there are better book-selling sites out there). This post will shortly state why Amazon sucks.

1. Amazon sucks because MANY things one wants to order “cannot be shipped to the selected address.” I was hoping that once Croatia entered the EU at least some of the things that weren’t shippable would become shippable. But, that of course did not happen. I mean, why in God’s name is tea not available for shipping to Croatia? If it’s because it’s foodstuff, then why is clothes on the “usnhippable” list as well? Why? Because Amazon sucks, that’s why.

2. And the second reason Amazon sucks is that some of those things that are shippable to Croatia come with astronomical shipping costs that sometimes are not stated correctly on the order page. A couple of weeks ago I ordered two items and the total cost was a little under 20 Euro. I was ok with that, but imagine my surprise when my credit card showed that the total spent on Amazon that day was a little over 36 Euro. THIRTY-SIX! So the first thing I did was to check if I had made a screw up (that has been know to happen), but I did not. So I calmly waited to see what the hell happened, and the explanation came in a very thin envelope – I ordered some mobile phone screen protection foils – cost of product under 2 Euro, cost of delivery 19 Euro. Really? 19 Euro to send one small envelope weighing maybe 20 grams from Germany to Croatia? Really? 

So, my conclusion is, Amazon sucks.


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