Day 1 of Internship

As the title says, I started my internship today at the EU Parliament (Brussels) for one of Croatia’s MPs. I work as an assistant to her assistants (I know it sounds like too many assistants but considering that I worked my ass off today researching, I say the number of assistants is appropriate).

Today I spent researching two topics:

  1. the issue of greenhouse gas emissions within EU and EU’s plan for combating climate change – very interesting
  2. Human rights issues – contemporary forms of slavery – only half way through this research so no opinion yet

Also spent the day trying (unsuccessfully) to find accommodation. 😦

The conclusions I came to today

  • the cafe/bakery I loved in Paris also exists in Brussels (I love Paul)
  • there are many committees in EU
  • carbon emission market deals in allowances and there allowances you pay and those you don’t pay but get for free
  • different countries within the EU have different goals when reduction of carbon emission is in question (some even are allowed to exceed base levels – provided other countries “compensate”)
  • lobbying is strong here – today our office received a package from one a “masked” lobby – one lobby pretending to be something else – a round of laughter ensued in the office.
  • there are a lot of young people who work as grunt workers at the EU Parliament and I know at least 10 of them from before coming here!
  • there are a fair number of Croatian people here
  • mess hall serves ok food
  • when working here as an assistant you LIVE on caffeine
  • and accommodation in Brussels is FILTHY EXPENSIVE
  • also everything else is expensive

Hopefully I’ll be able to look around a bit this weekend – i’f I’m not too exhausted and I don’t just crash.

There  should be more concrete blog posts in the future but for now, that’s all folks.

Ps – photos will come later


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