Day 2 of Internship


Today started miserably. I had very little sleep last night and when I woke up I realized it had been raining, but hopefully rain here is very light.

Then the miserableness continued with me leaving my laptop in the lobby. Luckily a very nice man found it and I got it back 🙂 The bad thing is I forgot to ask him for his business card so I can thank him or mention him by name, but if I meet him on the hallways I’ll make sure to do that.

The hunt for apartment/bedroom continues but hopefully I’ll find something during the day. (this part was written in the morning)

Research topics today were

  • Employment and Social Affairs – general stuff – although this new presidency stated that they would be looking into dealing with the problem of youth unemployment – I am personally looking forward to that.
  • Internal Market and Consumer Protection – issues from false advertising to “horse meat” scandal and some more boring stuff.
  • Civil Liberties – it is what it says on the package – all different forms of civil liberties
  • Constitutional affairs – ironing out of some constitutional issues, also issues of communication of national governments and EU institutions, and the problems arising from the surveillance of EU citizens by US institutions.
  • Women’s Rights and Gender Equality – almost too general – just some basic issues which are still worth mentioning, but in my opinion there needs to be more talk about the disproportionate incomes for equal positions and some other issues.

The day at work ended with a food and wine tasting (food and wine from the Dubrovnik-Neretva region) so that was another positive today.

The day (after work) ended with me exhausted, schlepping my things across town to another apartment – so for now my accommodation situation is settled – wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee = that is me being very happy because in addition to having a roof over my head, I get to share the said roof with a great friend (Maria) who I haven’t seen in ages and I might even learn a word or two of German while I’m here. (this part was written in the evening)

And now – I finally took some photos

this is the view from the office where I do most of my work:


In other news – coffee and tea and croissants are cheaper to buy here in the Parliament than in Dubrovnik 🙂 so, I’m saving money on that at least. Also this is a country where you can actually buy condensed milk, unlike Croatia.

That’s all folks 😉

more updates soon


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