Day 3 of Internship


(titles are getting a bit monotonous, need to change it up a bit, tomorrow)

This might be a good day – my spidey senses are telling me so 🙂

I took a very scenic route to work today: first waiting in a very pretty street for the tram and then passing by the Palace of Justice, by the Royal Palace and an amazing view of the city, and then by the Musee Royaux des Beaux Arts and ending up at Place du Luxembourg. While on the tram/bus I noticed at least 10 streets I would like to walk through and just as many shops I plan on visiting this weekend (mainly chocolate shops and tea shops which means I’ll gain 10 kilos while here and will be twitchy from all the tea but it will be worth it)

Now, before I start talking about the work I’m doing today I would like to thank everyone who helped me in my search for an apartment: Jack, Antea, Nike, Maria, Alen, and my uncle Frano – your help means the world to me.

Today, unlike, yesterday, I did some research – looking into the Strasbourg week’s discussions and votes. My topics were:

  • Corruption as a form of violation of human rights in third countries – looking at the role EU institutions might have played in the scandals and how to deal with those and how to help third countries combat corruption
  • the possibility of a bilateral agreement between EU and China for investment – focusing on the putting the two “players” on a more level playing field (market) and looking at the problem of China and their record in respecting intellectual property rights

Both topics were very interesting, especially since I had to read the Resolution documents and I got to see how detailed those are! VERY VERY fine print!

After this I went for my first walk around Brussels – it was a short one, and I did not go far, but I saw some cool things – look at the photos below. On my walk I went into a newspaper store to buy a Guide book for Belgium, and the guy working there knew English and actually had visited Croatia ages ago – and of course he visited Dubrovnik 🙂

I also met up with my colleague from Dubrovnik/Finland… Henri and we had a very nice chat and had some laughs. good times 🙂

The day ended at a great Italian restaurant where all the waiters spoke Italian all the time and at one point there was a performance (relatively private but I could see it) when one waiter was kneeling on the floor and was bent over and the other one spanked him. I have NO idea what they were doing but all of them were wiping tears off their faces from laughing so hard.

Afterwards Maria and I went for a beer – Thursday is the day that Place Luxembourg closes for traffic in the evening and there’s a lot of people listening to loud music and drinking loads of beer.

This was a good day – my spidey senses were right this morning.

Some more photos

     graffiti in front of the Natural History museum   Cute stuffed toys in a shop window near Place Jourdan

Cherry beer :)

That’s all folks 😉


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