Casual Friday and Brussels Architecture (Day 4)


Today was an easy work-load day – 2nd assistants were at the office until 1 or 2 pm depending on their work. I finished just after lunch because I managed to finish the report on EU-China bilateral agreement resolution and compose the next week’s schedule for the committees I follow. So it was good.

I spent the rest of the day just walking around taking photos. There are some amazingly beautiful parts of this city. The parks and the old buildings are just, yeah – you’ll see the photos below.

When I was too exhausted to walk around any more, and after I bought some DVDs I braved the Metro – the same as every other Metro I’ve been in, so nothing to write home about. I did some shopping while Croatia was playing first half of the game against Belgium and cooked an amazing meal while Croatia continued to lose in the second half. I have to admit I was not very patriotic – I did not watch it, I didn’t feel the need to get upset on a Friday.

My plan for this weekend is as follows:

  • Saturday – sleep in, coffee and reading at a place Maria recommended, perhaps some shopping, general relaxing
  • Sunday – a day trip to Bruges

Wish me luck guys

That’s all for week 1 of my internship.

DSC_0149 DSC_0152 DSC_0153


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  1. Jelena says:

    Need to go there. 😦

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