Deluge and Beer – Weekend 1


As you might have guessed from the title there’s been a bit of rain this weekend. Which did not bother me one bit since I was on my way to a touristy walk  through Bruges! No, did not bother me at all! WRONG! I planned to walk around what turned to be one of the prettiest towns I’ve ever seen and the sky decided to simply open up!

But, let me start from the beginning. I spent yesterday walking around the town – I did plan on renting out one of the bikes but the machine where you can set up your account does not take my credit card which was a disappointment – I was really looking forward to seeing Brussels the way I saw Paris. Maybe I’ll ask one of my colleagues to set up an account for me and just pay them the money. We’ll see.

I found a couple of amazing shops around here – an enormous cooking and baking supply store with everything you might ever need in the kitchen. Just being in there gave me so many ideas. Very close to this was a very good tea store called Les Palais des Thes – they have a very very good selection of teas and things one needs to prepare teas. I bought a very strong black tea (this tea really wakes you up) and a green tea with almonds and vanilla and some flowers (this one makes the apartment smell really good).

After I got out of the tea store I came across a paradise – a stationary store that has a separate room for fountain pens and fancy pens – there are at least a hundred different high end fountain pens on display in this store. I’ll take some photos when I next go there.

At Monk


The day ended at a pub called Monk in a Flemish part of the town. This was a recommendation from the guide book I have – and the recommendation was very good. The beer there was amazing and even cheap. The atmosphere was pleasantly homey with quiet music in the background and everyone speaking Flemish around me. It almost makes it seem you are in a different country which is confusing at first. Everywhere else in Brussels I’ve been to everyone spoke French, but not here. The people there are very friendly – the pub was packed and I ended up sharing a table with a guy who was later joined by his girlfriend. The beer I drank made me a little tipsy I have to admit – this too was strange since it was barely 5 in the afternoon 😉  So – if you ever go/are in Brussels – GO THERE!


The Sunday was spent in Bruges as I mentioned earlier. The trip there was a very pleasant and cheap (?) train ride. But when I got there – disaster. It wasn’t just raining, I can deal with rain, I was prepared, It was POURING! somehow I managed to get to the center of Bruges and see a bit of the town while on the bus – and the town lives up to its reputation. It is simply CUTE! Old houses, colourful squares, modern statues… but the rain and very strong wind ruined it a bit for me. I decided to turn to my trusted guide book to find a place to eat and get away from the rain. So, I set out to find a pub called Staminee de Garre. The description in the guide book says it is  “Down a narrow lane … easy to miss”. Well, that is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Can someone tell me how this can be called a narrow street:

DSC_0187I mean, it certainly IS narrow, but it is not a street! I spent 15 minutes in the rain looking for it! But when I did find it – it paid off. Great atmosphere and an extremely tasty cheese selection platter!

                           DSC_0182 DSC_0183

Afterwards I managed to look around a bit and this is what I saw:

DSC_0190 DSC_0194 DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0204 DSC_0205

That’s all folks

Tomorrow it’s back to work.


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