Meeting the boss – Day 5

So, it is fair to say that today was hectic. I arrived at the office at 9am and left the office at 8:20pm – woohoo

The time before lunch was spent mostly in doing research for next week’s Strasbourg sessions – so, researching a little bit of everything.

The lunch was followed by a great birthday party thing for two Croats here – there was prosciutto, cheese, 4 different cakes, sparkling wine and Croatian wine – and all this at 2 pm 🙂 so it is safe to say that the Croats were a bit “happy” today. I met The Boss at this party as well – she just flew in and we had a very brief chat before I had to go into my first ever committee meeting (transport and tourism committee to be exact)  🙂


I felt so special sitting in the auditorium and wearing those headphones (btw they are really really uncomfortable). I spent three hours listening in on a discussion about the European railway system. There was even some laughter, but mostly it was people representing their parties and their political views. It was sort of interesting, although I would have liked the topic to be something else. But, I can’t really choose now, can I?

After the meeting I had to write a short report on the subjects discussed and then the hell kind of broke loose – the 6 of us assistants were trying to do 4 things EACH at the same time! All the while being in a small office with the boss next door, so yeah. I ended up writing another report (this time on monitoring of Flag Ships) and tried to make sense of last week’s voting.

I gotta say though – I had the relatively easy job and I was finished by 8:20, whereas my other colleagues stayed till longer. I will find out tomorrow how long they were there for – if they spent the night – I hope not.

For now, I am lucky I managed to get home when I did, and I have immense respect for my colleagues.

Now, I’m at home, drinking warm chocolate (my roommate made for me) and eating cookies and watching clips of pretty things (and pretty people 😉 ) on youtube and discussing “movies to watch” with my roommate (mostly Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender movies).

That’s all folks 🙂


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