Demography and peanuts – Day 6


Today was a bit easier than yesterday, thank God.

This morning I sat in on a conference on Demography and the speakers were very interesting. There were three main speakers each presenting the case of their country: Poland, Latvia and Ireland. The topic was the influence of the demographic trends on the future of each nation – the size of the work force and the “age” of the country (Poland), the presence of women in the work place (Ireland), and the existence of nations in the future (Latvia).

The issue of birthrates as seen through these examples is a serious one.  It might seem at fist that since our world is a bit overpopulated, it might not be a bad idea to “cool off” on the giving birth,  but if this trend was to continue for example in Latvia – in 2100 there would be only 1/4 of the number of Latvians from 1991 living in Latvia! This makes you stop and think a bit. The same will be seen even sooner in some other respects – the current number of prepubescent girls is significantly less than 30 or 40 years ago in countries we looked at. This should worry us.

This should NOT be understood as a call to all women to immediately have children and give up their jobs. On the contrary – not once was this the topic during the conference. The focus was on “what can a COUNTRY do to make the choice of having babies easier on a working PARENT” – meaning subsidies, tax cuts, child provisions, health care…. And that is what I really liked about this conference as possibly one of those women who haven’t had children yet. So, congratulations to the speakers today!

Following this I went back to researching topics, calling some institutions, trying to find out email addresses of people and sorting through piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of paperwork together with my two colleagues.

At one point we just reached that point when we ate anything we could find. The casualties of this were a muesli and nuts bar, oven roasted peanuts, and very good pralines mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh, this is what I saw today at the bus stop – such a cute example of guerrilla knitting!



I left work earlier today than yesterday, but that did not really help me get to the apartment sooner –  just like I missed my bus yesterday because I sort of did not see my bus stop in front of me, today I sat in the wrong tram and only realized that after I’d driven almost to the end of the line! And on my way back the tram was driven by the most incompetent driver ever!!!!! He would speed up for 2 seconds and then release the pedal completely , and then speed up again and release again, and so on and so on. It took us 20 minutes to go the route that usually takes the tram perhaps 7 or 8 minutes!!!!!!!!!

But in good news, I had a box of Haagen-Dasz for dinner 🙂 LIVING HEALTHY!


That’s all folks 😉


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