Abundance of Tea – Day 8


Lesson of the day – there is such a thing as too much tea. 

This week at work has been a bit of a hell and in order to keep functioning and to stay awake, some of us imbibed in enormous amounts of tea and coffee. Today, however, I realized after my 4th cup of tea that I should perhaps slow down. I sort of stopped enjoying tea as much as I did before this week, but hopefully things will return to normal soon. Also, it’s good I haven’t been drinking coffee in abundance, coffee makes me shake, and that would not have been a nice sight.

(of course I am having another cup of tea as I’m writing this, so my resolution to cut down on tea consumption has had the same fate of my resolution to start running, so yeah)

Now, back to business. This morning we at the office spent almost an hour trying to make heads or tails of a proposal concerning visas. Of course, the four of us read the proposal in English which was preferable to Croatian for two of us, but it somehow slipped our mind that there must be the same proposal in Croatian! Since the topic concerns Croatia, the document was translated. We realized this after we’d read through it and explained things to each other … and after the meeting was held. So, perhaps next time we’ll be smarter and print out the Croatian version as well. 🙂 

I read a very negative review of what this MEP I work for has been doing recently – namely, she’s been vocal in her fight for the rights of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, there were two things about the article (I will not link the article, I don’t want to increase the number of their readers) that I found really infuriating:

  1. statements that she is representing Croats in Croatia and not Croats in BiH – the thing is, the position of Croats in BiH is VERY low. They should be one of the constituting entities, but that does not seem to be the case in certain things. Also – Croats in Bosnia are still Croats. This affected me a bit harder than some others considering that my mother’s family is from there and many of them have stayed in Bosnia throughout the war and are now trying to survive in a very unorganized country
  2. and the second statement that the MEP hasn’t done anything for the important issues for Croats in Croatia. Well that is just a lie. I have personally experienced how much all of us in the office have been working on promoting Croatia and Croatia’s interests both officially and unofficially here in Brussels and last week in Strasbourg.

I would have liked to see an objective article where there was some criticism of this MEPs statements, that could help her focus her research and actions better, but this way it was as if a kindergarten kid was writing about the boy they don’t like and who always got the best toy or something. No proper research, no valid arguments, no concise statements, just empty drivel of a person who had obviously been personally slighted by the MEP. All I can say to that person is – if you had been a better researcher or had done a better job, people (including the MEP) would have appreciated you more, but this way we all see you as a petty man that you are.

As for conferences, today I attended a conference on how to achieve social equality and ensure protection of human rights through good governance. There was talk of indicators of social and economic crises and how those two could be linked and how the threat of poverty as a social issue also has drastic consequences economically. This was an appropriate conference today because  October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – the link will take you to the UN page where you can read more about this. 

October 17 is also the Spirit Day – day dedicated to fighting against bullying. This is a very important topic in my opinion. As a kid I experienced bullying first hand, but was also a witness and (I’m ashamed to say) I was one of the bullies on certain occasions. As a teacher in primary school I noticed bullying from time to time, but I decided to voice my opinion of this type of behaviour – namely, I stated to the kids that each of us has something in our character or on our bodies we could be bullied about and that a school should be a safe place, at least in class there should be no bullying… No, how effective my speeches were, who knows. I hope I helped just a little bit, in the mean time, and in honour of this day, this post is in purple 🙂 

For the end here’s some more guerrilla knitting, this time right in front of the EUParliament building in Brussels and the entrance to the Museum of Natural Sciences



That’s all for today, folks 😉

also – tomorrow is Friday!



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