The casualest Friday of them all – Day 9

Today was my “name-day” as we call it in Croatia – sort of patron-saint day – and mine is st.Luke so I spent the day doing only nice things and eating and drinking nice things. As for work (only shortly about work today) I sort of helped the assistants in their packing the “box” for Strasbourg – each MEP has a box that is sent by their assistants with all the materials needed on the relation Brussels-Strasbourg depending on where the MEPs are going to next.

Other than work, we at the office invited our next door neighbours – UK MEP and his assistants  to a little get-together. We laughed so hard about our respective countries and our experiences there. It was a very pleasant international meeting. I hope they make good on their promise to invite us over next Friday to their office for another “get-together”.

After lunch our work day finished (Fridays are short for interns) and I went to Monk pub again – I really like it there. The atmosphere is so pleasant.



The background music is smooth jazz which was appropriate because tonight I went to a jazz concert with Maria. The concert was very good, we had a bit of wine and a bit of cheese, and  A LOT of laughs.


There is one musician missing – the drummer, but I couldn’t get him in the picture without getting up and I was too lazy to get up.

This is all for tonight. I am very tired – not that much because this was a tiresome day, but because this week was really busy and I am truly looking forward to not having to get up early tomorrow.

The plan for this weekend is: a bit of shopping maybe, Thai restaurant, maybe a birthday party for two of the assistants, Croatian mass on Sunday and maybe a day trip somewhere around Belgium – I’ll be very busy

That’s all folks 😉 see you again on Sunday


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