A Relaxing Weekend – a photo post


So, I decided not to do any traveling this weekend because I was a bit tired, so I mostly just sat in cafes and read.

The weekend began by sleeping till late on Saturday and then my roommate and me did our washing, While we were waiting for the washing machine to do it’s business we stumbled across a great tea shop called Tea for Two where we had excellent tea and really really good dessert. Maria ordered a chocolate cake that was incredibly soft and gooey…. and I ordered a religieuse (2 profiteroles filled with coffee and caramel flavoured cream, covered with melted chocolate and caramel and decorated with caramel flavoured cream) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm





After the washing was done we walked a little and came across the funniest jeweler’s name I’ve ever seen


the jewelery in the store was not much 😦

a couple of streets later there is a wedding dress store and the dress in the window was simply beautiful. I don’t have any plans of marrying any time soon, but yeah, this is pretty


The day ended with a dinner at this Thai place near the Parliament. They have this great house cocktail – so refreshing and so tasty! And there’s the colour and the flower. Of course I had to try what it would look like as an accessory




The dishes we ordered were really big (big enough to take home and have them for lunch the next day) and were really tasty! The prices are more affordable than some places in Dubrovnik I ate at!


I spent the Sunday relaxing. I went back to the tea shop, had another tea and read a lot. I walked around the town, but basically I did nothing,

After a tiresome week like this one I needed a day or two of doing nothing. I hope that next weekend I’ll go somewhere, not sure where yet. Also, I need to go to the Bioscope (big cinema in Brussels) and try and get a ticket for Thor 2 – it starts showing here on 30th. 🙂

That’s all folks 😉

tomorrow’s back to work


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