Wine and Cleaning – Day 10

Today I was again reminded of people’s laziness and how far they are ready to go to do as little work for as much profit as possible.

The topic of my research today was the wine production in Croatia and our attempts at classifying some of our wines as geographically specific with a certificate and everything. During my research I came across some genuinely nice and helpful people at the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and at an institute in Split. They patiently answered all my questions and helped me in my research immensely. They went through all the phases of the process of obtaining the said certificate. Then I had to wonder at the “other” group of people I mentioned at the beginning of my post – there are certain groups of wine producers who haven’t obtained that certificate and in their minds (in their statements I came across during my research) they blamed the government and other institutions for not having the certificate: “government is not willing to vote on the new law”, “the experts are taking too long”, “it’s too expensive”.

I want to just quickly address each of those complaints:

“government is not willing to vote on the new law” – there are provisions in place so the new law is not necessary for the obtaining of the certificate

“the experts are taking too long” – the expert I talked to only had one contract to obtain the certificate and they were in the final stages of it right now (will be done in a day or two)

“it’s too expensive” – it is CHEAPER than legalizing an unlawfully build house (many families are facing this cost these days in Croatia), and it’s not one producer who pays this amount – it is the whole group of producers for the whole geographical region! AND they will make money off it!

so yeah! The obvious answer is – some of these people are simply waiting for someone to do their job for them! There are some people in the business who have prepared everything and are in possession or soon will be in possession of the certificate, and to those people I say – “yours will be the wine I buy”!

This is a problem in Croatia, I have noticed. People will do as little work as possible and expect all the benefits and gains! It simply does not work that way (that often). In the last two and a half weeks I have seen people work till 11:30 and spending their weekends at home at their computers. I have seen high ranking politicians (Croatian and foreign) running on fumes from all the work they are doing. It might seem to outsiders that nothing is happening, and I will grant it the pace of the decisions is slow, BUT ! we should not confuse the limited number of “important” decisions and life-changing resolutions with the amount of work that goes into each one. There is some work that the politicians create for themselves (like in all other political bodies, they are often there just to be there), but there is also very important work. Work that has the chance of making our lives easier and making it safer and tastier (wine thing above)


Now onto the cleaning part of the day – my computer has been giving me trouble this past weekend and I thought I had fixed the little shit! but it turned out I hadn’t. So again I spent the day rummaging through it and running different maintenance programs, and so far, things are running smoothly again! Fingers crossed everyone!

Tomorrow I am faced with more research and I just hope it is as fruitful as the one I did today.

That’s all folks 😉


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