Wisdom over Beer


Walking into a pub for an “after work” / “after doing touristy stuff” beer was all  Nikolina I planned to do this Tuesday when we walked into Monk. We had a great time talking about all sorts of things over raspberry flavoured beer (we were being girls). She, however, left me after that first beer. (she just commented that was a mistake 🙂 she also says “HI!” to everyone)

I stayed to write for a while – Monk has been really good for my inspiration)

After a couple of pages and halfway through the second beer two guys sitting next to me at the bar asked me what I was writing – they thought at first that I might be writing down things that people around me were saying. I gave them the short description of the story I am currently working on and we started talking about one of the elements of the story – the question whether it was possible to be truly honest with another person. Some of us thought that under certain circumstances it was possible, others not so much.

The people I was talking to turned out to be two musicians: Robin (formerly from the God Machine and now from Sophia) and Tom (a young Belgian working on his first (?) album. We ended up talking for almost 5 hours.

We covered numerous topics in our conversation – from fun topics like crazy Americans to existential issues like the survival of humanity. We agreed that some Americans are really crazy but that also some Belgians and Croatians are crazy as well. We discussed at length the idea of a post-apocalyptic world and who would survive, what the new “political” order would look like. Really fun arguments were made and there was mention of apples and peaches and also the number of bullets was an issue, as it should be in a discussion like this one. One of these days I’ll write more about those things we discussed – if I manage to remeber them all.

The best thing about this conversation was that the three of us talked about everything, but not once was I made to feel uncomfortable. They were friendly, not “in your face” – you know what I mean. Even with a couple of beers they were pleasant. Their stories about “surviving” as a musician, about trying to fulfill their dreams, about the obstavles they came across… just amazing. It was like being in a movie only better because there was good beer 🙂 All in all I loved that evening.

The following morning I looked up Robin and his band(s) and found a couple of great songs.



So, I will really miss Brussels when I leave. I will miss hanging out with the people at the office, I will miss the good beer, and I will miss the atmosphere at Monk. All this means I’ll be back in Brussels soon – I hope so.

talk more soon. Tomorrow I’m on my way to London



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