November in September

So, just like any good fangirl I went to see Pierce Brosnan in November Man the other day.

Warning – spoilers ahead

The movie was ok. There were some good chases, some hilarious scenes of cling-film bondage, MonteNegro at times standing in for Switzerland (I know, I was surprised as well), the obligatory Russian badguy and a cute-ish guy


There were however three things wrong with this movie in my opinion

1) Global politics watered down into comic-book style black and white characters

Now, I am the first to criticize dictatorships and questionable rises to power but I dislike political agendas permeating movies like this one. This is a spy flick, not a documentary on the dangers of dictatorships and covert actions. This movie really really failed to disguize who they were portraying here, but hey, Brosnan wins in the end.

2) the cheeze factor at the close of the movie

At one point towards the end of the movie Pierce and his daughter hug on a fortress with the background of a beutiful Belgrade sunset in the Background. I think I vomited a bit from all the awwww moments. It reminded me of the ending of Jaws III and the dolphin in the sunset scene. The same laughter came out of me.


3) Licence to re-live the greatest roles

as if all of this wasn’t enough, the ex-Bond gets (sort of) the ex-BondGirl in the end (They really could have chosen another female lead here and not an ex-BondGirl

All in all a fun night at the movies.

the next one on the “ToWatch” list is Magic in the Moonlight


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