History is violent and Shia is good

(Spoiler alert)

Monday afternoon. The last two classes I teach got cancelled so what else was I to do – I went to the near-by cinema. I’ve been wanting to watch Fury for a while now, and it seemed the perfect moment.

In part it was a great choice – The movie was good. But on the other hand this meant that I stared my week off by crying after emotional scenes and especially during the ending. I found myself putting my hands together in prayer and repeating “Get back in. Get back in. Get back in.”

The crew of Fury (the Sherman tank) is repeatedly sent on impossible missions. They somehow manage to escape certain death – sometimes through their own cunning strategy, sometimes due to the sacrifice of others, and sometimes through pure dumb luck.

This is not a feel-good epic. This is not a glorification of war. This is not an “Americans are noble and Germans are all evil” movie. This is a “War is Awful”- movie.


There is no Glory in the things these men are forced to do. As Machine says at one point: “I wasn’t trained to shoot corpses!” But he does that, and much more.

Where is the honour in buying women for a bar of chocolate? Where is the honour in shooting an unarmed man in the back? There is no honour in war.

There is only War.


PS – no matter what he does in real life, Shia is good in this!


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  1. nicollzg says:

    Well, damn. Now I’ll have to go watch it. Curse you!

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