Existentialism and teleophobia


(warning – this post contains profanities!)

Why the fuck are there so many re-boots of old franchises? And why do they choose the fucking Alternate Universe route?

The fuck?

and then there’s

don’t forget the “flogging a dead horse” sequels (?)


Isn’t anyone in the damned Hollywood (and other filming Meccas) reading any new books? Isn’t anyone writing any good original scripts?

Why won’t they just allow the stories to end with dignity?

Why in the name of all that’s holy do WE the PUBLIC still go and see these shitty poor excuses for movies?





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  1. nicollzg says:

    …because Hollywood is incapable of multitasking. Remember the disaster movie phase! They have to milk the last drop out of a trend to move onto the next one. Let’s not forget we got to see TWO movies about Hercules – I guess they think if they make enough of the same shit they’ll manage to squeeze out one decent turd. Safety in numbers.

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