“Looming Rubik’s cube”


I’m leaving Zagreb in a couple of hours and am hitting the pensive mood. Plus, it’s the start of the new year – a time for thinking about the choices you’d made the previous year and those which are yet to be made.
Well, last year was (mostly) fun. I actually did things, made choices,  went with them… It didn’t always pan out as I planned but that’s life. But when it came to some possibly long-term plans they fell through, I got burned.
So this year, what should I do? Right now there are again choices before me. I actually have options. I can play it safe, take the “self-preservation” route like the guy from Love Actually. Or I can grow a pair, make a move and get burned again…
These choices are “looming over me like a Rubik’s cube” and I was never good at solving those.

Not sure I want to try and fail again…


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