Egobruising and fantasies


There’s this book I’ve been reading recently that talks about the spiral dynamics and it’s taking me a while to finish because there are so many moments in this book that make me think. It’s not that I agree with all the ideas the author presents, but the real world circumstances that guide his thoughts and the thoughts of his characters are often very intriguing.

So the other night I came across this:

” the right to free speech has been eclipsed by the right to not have your feelings hurt, to not have your ego bruised.”

and since I work in a school this sentence really speaks to me.


The other sentence that made me think was

“What do you fantasize about?”

Now, this is not a great sociological discovery, it’s not even a sentence you hear for the first time, but please take a minute and answer this question and thing about the answer. What does that answer say about you?

I answered it, on paper no less. At first it was a bit strange, writing about the things and situations I fantasize about, but after a few sentences you’ll see that  the answer says A LOT about you.

I just wanted to share this with you 🙂



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