King and Cats


Pet SemataryStephen King 3/5

To start off, let me just say that it took me FOREVER to find this book! Damn you King and your well thought out book titles! Were it not for my borkBuddies, I would have thought that I was just an idiot who couldn’t spell a simple word in English.

Now, on to the book. Well, not really, but we’ll get there. All my life I’ve been told that King is a master of horror. And that if you read It, you’ll need to do it with all the lights on in the house (including the fridge and oven lights). As a well known wimp when it comes to horror, nobody here is surprised that I still haven’t read It. Maybe one day when I live in the Arctic Circle and it’s summer. I did, however, read his Gunslinger (was ok), and of course have watched several of the movies from his books.

As a recent booktube addict I was convinced that I should read Pet Sematary. The reviewers said it was a wonderful depiction of grieving and loss and how we as human beings deal with that. I was also told to expect moody and dusk like atmosphere in the book. I got both of those.

In Pet Sematary we follow a young family (father, mother, two kids and a cat) who just moved into their house. The property they bought hides a secret – a pet cemetery and ancient Native American burial ground. I’m not going to go into plot detail, but you can guess yourself what’s going to happen.

I listened to this book as an audio book read by Michael C. Hall and that was a really good choice. His voice is really well suited for this type of book. Although I might be a bit biased considering the fact that I really like Dexter (not all seasons, of course, the last three, God damn them, but they ruined it).

This was an engaging read. I felt compelled to listen on and see what is going to happen next, even though a piece of me already knew what was going to happen. Even though it was predictable the way Kind told the story was good. Not excellent, mind you. There were moments when he would just go on and on and on and it got a bit old in the end.

As a final note of this all over the place review, I gotta say, for now it seems that King is not my kind of writer. I’ll most likely read some more of his books in the future, maybe the older Lukre will appreciate him more. The current Lukre is putting him aside for now.

A few quotes:

“The soil of a man’s heart is stonier; a man grows what he can and tends it.”


“Cats [are] the gangsters of the animal world.”

My little gangster ❤

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